Used "Step-up" and Intermediate Flutes for Sale

Discover the Perfect Flute for Every Musical Milestone...

   Explore Thomas' thoughtfully curated selection of step-up and intermediate flutes, tailored to suit the progressing musician. Unveil a symphony of possibilities as you find the perfect flute for each stage of your musical journey. Many students opt to upgrade their student flute to one of more superior quality from this collection, preserving their beginner/student flute for marching band performances.

   Kindly be aware that these flutes are gently used and meticulously serviced to meet high playing standards. All flutes come with a 30 day return policy and a 1 year maintenance warranty*. (*ALL FLUTES ARE RECOMMENDED FOR SERVICING AFTER 1 YEAR, SO BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR FLUTE SERVICED BEFORE THE 1 YEAR MARK AT NO COST!!)

   Arrange in-person trials by appointment in Austin, TX, or through mail (UPS). Feel free to reach out with any questions, to arrange a trial, or to propose a consignment. 

Flutes Currently Available: 

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