Frequently Asked Questions 

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I am not in Austin, Texas. Can I ship a flute to repair to you? If so, how do you normally work that out?

Yes, you may also ship your flute in for servicing! Please contact to get the shipping address. When you ship your flute, make sure to leave enough room for about 3 inches of packing material on all sides of the flute. For cheaper flutes ($1,000 or less) USPS is good. I prefer using UPS for nicer flutes.  You're welcome to use any carrier and I'll send it back using the same. Some homeowners and instrument insurance covers instrument travel, please check before paying for the pricey insurance at the post office.

I have an old student flute that hasn't been played in years. Is it worth it to fix it up?

Of course! Every flute is special and has its own story. Student flute repads and overhauls range in price from $275-425. The monetary value of the instrument when finished is approximately $300. The true value is having your old flute working and shining again like it used to!

I am an adult coming back to flute playing after years of not playing. Can I take lessons from you?

Of course!

What do I need for lessons besides a flute?

You will need a metronome/tuner in addition to a study book from the Blocki flute method. Beginners should buy book 1. Intermediate players will be assigned either book 2 or 3 after the first lesson. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

Venmo (@ThomasHorterFluteServices), PayPal & Zelle (, checks and cash are accepted for lessons and repairs. Please note that instruments that have been mailed in will not be mailed back until payment has cleared.