Flute Repair in Austin or by Mail

StraubingerLandell, and Muramatsu Certified 

Repairs shipped from "out-of-town" receive 10% off!!! 

University/Conservatory MUSIC MAJOR students receive 17% off!!! (Mail-in or in-person with valid school ID.)

Repairs for Thomas' students and charity organizations are 25% off!!!

    Thomas, a Straubinger and Muramatsu-certified flute repair technician, meticulously breathes life into instruments worldwide, each with unique demands. Excelling in reviving neglected treasures, he performs essential maintenance like Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA) or comprehensive overhauls, utilizing top-tier tools and materials. Thomas's proficiency in flute repair is evident through continuous training and mentorship with Jamie Espen, showcasing his dedication to the craft.

   In 2008, Thomas embarked on his flute repair journey under Jon Landell at the Vermont Guild of Flute-Making, earning certificates in padding and overhaul techniques. Post-training, he promptly offered his expertise to conservatory students and private clients, honing his skills through hands-on experience.

   To broaden his horizons, Thomas sought additional training from 2013 to 2014 at the renowned FluteLab in the Netherlands, known for crafting instruments for individuals with physical limitations. Under Maarten Visser's guidance, he fine-tuned his repair skills and worked on a diverse array of flutes.

   Thomas's unwavering dedication and steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional flute repair services solidify his reputation as a reliable and skilled professional. His Straubinger and Muramatsu certifications underscore his expertise, allowing musicians to once again bask in the exquisite sounds and artistry of their cherished instruments.

2024 Shop Rate - $110 Per Hour*

Repairs are done by appointment or by mail only. Please contact Thomas to make arrangements.

(Muramatsu flutes are currently being accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact to make arrangements and settle on pricing.)

   Shown below are estimates and explanations for the most common types of flute repair. A more accurate estimate is given after inspecting each particular flute.

À La Carte: 

Every flute is different and each one needs individual inspection for accurate pricing. Rough estimates are shown below:

Dent Repair: $45+

Bent Key: $20-$60+

Broken Spring Repair: $10 - $45

Replace Headjoint Cork: $35

Torn/Leaking Pad Replacement: $25 - $50+

Screw Adjustment: $10 - $30

Before Polishing

Before Polishing

After Polishing

After Polishing

Clean, Oil, Adjust

   A COA (Clean, Oil, Adjust) is a fundamental service typically recommended for flutes every 6-12 months. Student flutes usually benefit from a COA closer to the 12-month mark, while professional flutes may require it around the 6-month mark. Similar to a car that suffers from neglect without regular oil changes, a flute that surpasses the 12-month interval without a COA can experience issues. By ensuring regular COA servicing, more costly repairs can be prevented in the future, saving both time and expenses down the road.

The service includes:

   Flute headjoint, body, and foot cleaning, hand polishing the body, headjoint, and foot joint, mechanism adjustment, cleaning and oiling the mechanism, optional headjoint cork replacement, and basic pad adjustments. 

Marching Flutes - $145

Student Flutes - $205

For flutes retailing around $1,000 or less when new.

Step-up Flutes - $250

(Yamahas 400 & Higher, Powell Sonares, Haynes Amadeus or Ghirardelli, Altus Azumis, etc...)

Professional/Handmade Flutes - $330

Professional/Handmade Flutes COA+ - $430

Average time needed per flute: 3-15 days

High E Facilitator Installation 

The Valentino High E Facilitator (a.k.a. “donut” or poor man’s split-E) is an option that may help tame the high E on the flute. This note can be problematic, as it tends to respond stubbornly and sound stuffy and out of tune. Parts & Installation: $85

Muramatsu Training 2024

Muramatsu Training 2024


   A flute overhaul completely restores the instrument. After an overhaul with Thomas, flutes come out the same as or even better than they did from the factory. 

The service includes:

   Taking out dents and scratches (as much as possible on plated flutes), polishing the headjoint, body, foot, and mechanism, adjusting the mechanism, cleaning and oiling the mechanism, replacing all corks and felts, and putting in all new pads.

Student Flute Overhauls +/- $550

(Student Flute Repad +/- $375)

For flutes retailing around $1,000 or less when new.


Felt Pads Step-up Flute Overhauls +/- $1,100

Repad +/- $900

(Yamahas 400 & Higher, Powell Sonares, Haynes Amadeus or Ghirardelli, Altus Azumis, etc...)

Straubinger Step-up Flute Overhauls:

Straubinger +/- $1,200

Straubinger, Repad Only +/- $1,000

(Miyazawa 202 and Higher, Powell Signatures, Yamaha 600 or higher)


Professional/Handmade Flute Overhauls   

Straubinger Pad Overhaul +/-$1450

Straubinger Repad Only+/-$1300

Felt Pad (Lucien Deluxe) Overhaul +/-$1400

Felt Pad (Lucien Deluxe) Repad +/-$1200

Average time needed per flute: 7 Days (Student flutes) - 30 Days (Handmade Flutes)

Piccolos and Low Flutes

Felt Pads:

Plastic/Metal Piccolo COA - $200

Wood Piccolo COA - $350

Plastic/Metal Piccolo Repad - $600

Wood Piccolo Repad - $750

Plastic/Metal Piccolo Overhaul - $800

Wood Piccolo Overhaul - $950

Alto COA - $425

Alto Repad - $1,700

Alto Overhaul- $1,900

Bass COA - $500

Bass Repad - $1,800

Bass Overhaul - $2,000

Straubinger Pads:

Piccolo COA - $350

Piccolo Repad - $950

Piccolo Overhaul - $1150

Alto COA - $500

Alto Repad - $2,000

Alto Overhaul- $2,200

Bass COA - $600

Bass Repad - $2,100

Bass Overhaul - $2,300

2023 Austin Flute Festival

2023 Austin Flute Festival

Thomas starting to learn flute repair at the Vermont Guild of Flute-Making in 2008

Thomas starting to learn flute repair at the Vermont Guild of Flute-Making in 2008

*In order to accommodate customers who prefer to bypass the waitlist for routine maintenance, a shop rate of $145 will be applicable. It's important to note that this rate specifically covers non-emergency repairs and standard maintenance services. For emergency repairs, which require immediate attention, they will always be given the highest priority to ensure swift resolution.